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Potato Mix Meal Petfood

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Potato blends/mix, applicable in wet- and dry pet food, are carefully formulated with high-quality co-products collected during the production of food-grade potato products. It is a combination of flakes, slices, starches, fries, fibers and proteins. It brings back the natural balance from the potato in the finished product. We also offer tailor-made blends and are able to produce special blends on customer’s request.



Animal Feed industry:

Potato products are widely used in pet food applications as a carbohydrate source or a binder. It increases the expansion and reduces the density of kibble, presents a higher digestibility and metabolizable energy than corn and improves diet palatability. In addition, potato starches, proteins and fibers are great ingredients to use in a grain-free/gluten-free diet for your pet and are non-GMO.

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