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Potato Mix Meal Petfood

Potato blends/mix, applicable in wet- and dry pet food, are carefully formulated with high-quality co-products collected during the production of food-grade potato products. It is a combination of flakes, slices, starches, fries, fibers and proteins. It brings back the natural balance from the potato in the finished product. We also offer tailor-made blends and are able to produce special blends on customer's request. The benefit of our potato blends is a stable and constant high-quality product for kibble production. It is 100 % potato-based with stable nutritional values and constant behavior in the extrusion process. Finally, yet importantly, it is Gluten- and Mycotoxin free, NON-GMO, and therefore a popular alternative for grains and rice. With a low carbon footprint, this plant-based blend perfectly meets the pet owner’s evolving requirements.

Sugar Beet Pulp Petfood

Sugar beet pulp, 0% and 3% molasses, comes from the sugar beet, but does not contain sugar. It is a source of naturally soluble and insoluble fibers, which promote digestion.