Our history - Meelunie

Our history

In 2017, it was 150 years since Pieter Glasz first put his hulling mill in Joure into operation.
Now that same windmill is the proud logo of both the Windmill brand, introduced by Meelunie before the Second World War, and the Promill brand. In large areas of the world, the Windmill logo is seen as a hallmark of reliability and the name Windmill is synonymous with quality.

Over the last century and a half, Meelunie has grown into a global player in the trade, sales, marketing and distribution of agricultural raw materials and ingredients, including starch, sugars and proteins. With nearly 100 employees, a head office in Amsterdam, and regional offices in the United States, China, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina, Meelunie does business in over 100 countries. The company is active in a wide range of sectors, including the food, animal feed and paper industries. Turnover is around €250 million.

Today, Meelunie is a bona fide independent, Amsterdam-based trading firm, known above all for its attributes of reliability, long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers, and the Dutch’s famous entrepreneurial spirit. A company that isn’t afraid to conquer new markets wherever they may emerge.