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Meelunie is B Corp certified

We believe that business success goes beyond profit

BY Meelunie 18/06/2024 Meelunie

Great news! Meelunie is B Corp certified. B Corp is a community with more than 8,500 companies in over 220 industries spread out over 90 countries. Big names in the food industry, such as Alpro, Ben & Jerry’s, Danone, Nutricia and Vivera are part of this community. Having the B Corp status is a fundamental step towards realisation of Meelunie’s purpose ‘Plant Based Positive Impact’.

What is a B Corp

“Certified B Corps are for-profit companies that have gone through a lengthy verification process. B Corp the nonprofit organisation dedicated to making a positive impact via business” explains Jeroen de Waaij, Meelunie’s Global Sustainability Manager. “B Corp certified companies meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, making them leaders in the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable economy.”

B Corp fits Meelunie like a glove

“Meelunie is a company specialised in plant-based ingredients since 1867. We have been around for over 150 years and conduct our business in a responsible way. Hence our mission statement reads: ‘To continue our long tradition of doing business with head and heart’. For a company with a long history, sustainability comes in naturally. Therefore, a few years ago we began seeking guidelines to incorporate sustainability in a structured and transparent way. The B Corp mission and approach resonated with us. So, we plunged into the B Impact Assessment, an online and interactive tool used by B Corp to assess companies’ positive impact. As we learned more about B Corp and sustainability, our eagerness to become a B Corp grew. The B Impact Assessment has given us a holistic view of our organisation covering all ESG-themes (environmental, social and governance). It showed our positive impact areas, and even more important; it gave us insights of where improvement was needed.”

From assessment to certification

“To start the B Corp certification process, we had to undergo the rigorous B Impact Assessment, which focuses on five themes; governance, workers, communities, environment and customers. This assessment covered a wide range of questions and criteria during which Meelunie had to substantiate its social and environmental responsibility to the B Corp analysts. Applicants are required to reach a difficult benchmark score of at least 80 (out of 200) points to be eligible for certification. Meelunie achieved a score of 91.9 points. The B Corp certification helped identify Meelunie’s blind spots, which will further guide us in our sustainability journey.”

Protein transition

“Meelunie is supporting change in the food system by accelerating the protein transition. We do this by offering an alternative to animal proteins. Our plant-based ingredients contribute to healthier diets, animal wellbeing , feeding a growing global population, decelerating deforestation and reducing carbon emissions. As part of our commitment to the protein transition, Meelunie recently opened a pioneering fava bean facility in Denmark that not only embraces every aspect of sustainability but also manages to valorise the entire fava bean for food applications. It shows us we’re on the right track, and that we’re actually doing business with head and heart.”

About B Lab and B Corp

B Lab is transforming the economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, its global network creates standards, policies, and tools for business. Besides, B Lab certifies companies – known as B Corps – who are leading the way. To date, the our global B Corp community includes over 8,500 B Corps companies in 92 countries and 220 industries who manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment. See for more information.