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Plant Based Positive Impact

We believe we have a responsibility for the impact we have on the world and a duty to add value to society where we can. Inspired by Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG) launched by the United Nations: Zero Hunger (SDG2), Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12) and Climate Action (SDG 13), we have defined three domains for impact: Our Future Heritage, Green Products and Climate & Shipping. These are our pillars in reaching our goals.


Doing good

Our future heritage

We want to make a difference in tomorrow’s world, by transitioning from going well to going good, creating zero waste and striving for equality.

Responsible production

Green products

All of our products are plant-based! Our growing offering of organic and sustainably-produced products will be branded with a quality mark by 2030.

Reduce carbon footprint

Climate & shipping

We are transitioning towards renewable energy sources and implementing low or zero-emission solutions and processes, with the ultimate goal of a net zero world.

Together for a better tomorrow

Being just at the start of our Positive Impact journey we invite you to read more on our progress. We are honoured to partner with dedicated organisations, supporting their efforts and helping champion their causes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Plant Based Positive Impact report

‘Positive Impact’ has been incorporated into our mission, vision, ambitions and strategy. In the years to come, it will be an integral part of our daily activities. Check out our progress in our current Plant Based Positive Impact report, or previous reports 2020 and 2021.


Plant Based Positive Impact summary

You can find the highlights of our Plant Based Positive Impact report in our one-page summary. And for a more objective checkpoint have a look at our materiality analysis. For this analysis, stakeholders as our value chain partners have been asked for their input and opinions.