Vision and mission - Meelunie

Vision and mission


Meelunie’s vision is ‘A balanced world where plant based solutions drive positive impact’.
A world where sustainable agriculture and climate neutrality are mainstream and we no longer deplete our natural resources.

We live in a time of transition. From animal to plant based proteins, from fossil to renewable energy and from pre digital to data driven business where supply chains are more transparent and efficient. At the same time, the global population is growing and with it the gap between rich and poor. Meeting the demand for sustainably produced food while addressing inequality and climate change will be one of humanity’s biggest challenges.


Meelunie wants to be part of the solution to that challenge. Therefor our mission is
To continue our long tradition of doing business with head and heart’;


  • As a leading supplier of quality plant based ingredients. Ingredients that can help feed the world and which generate a positive impact.
  • As a ‘builder of bridges’, who collaborates with innovative partners to develop smarter and more efficient plant based solutions.
  • As an ethical company that pays a fair price to farmers, processors, and others in the chain.


We will apply product knowledge, supply chain expertise and market insights acquired over more than 150 years to meet our ambitious goals. We aim to ship all our goods completely CO2-neutral and our head office will generate zero waste by 2030, and we will be giving back to communities where we operate through local, national, and international initiatives.

To support our ambitions, we have based our Corporate Sustainable Responsibility activities on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as defined by the United Nations.

Join us, as a business partner or colleague, on our journey to achieve
Plant Based Positive Impact!