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Our products are used globally for a variety of needs, but you’ll find us especially comfortable in the kitchen. Windmill, the talk of every serious chef, had an unlikely start in China, but is a staple ingredient that brings just about every culinary dream to life. Windmill is known around the world and used in the finest restaurants in China. Millions of chefs in China depend on us as their trusted, secret partner in the kitchen. We’re the secret weapon of every kitchen hero.

Carefully selected potatoes

Aardappel, or “apple of the earth” is what potatoes are called in The Netherlands, reflecting just how important potatoes are in Dutch food. So, only the best potatoes from The Netherlands and the north of Germany are selected for harvest and processing, to become the trusted and beloved Windmill Potato Starch used by millions of chefs worldwide.

Preferred choice of top chefs

Sure, Windmill Potato Starch has been used in China and worldwide for eons, but our product quality is always of the highest caliber and would even pass your grandma’s test. If you’re a culinary hermit who’s just now learning about us, read more to find out why top chefs only trust Windmill for their best dishes.

No additives

You don’t like additives and neither do we. That’s why no additives are used in our starches. Our potatoes are perfect as they are. They don’t need anything else.

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