Our Brands - Meelunie

Our Brands

Our most valuable ‘brand’ remains the Meelunie name itself, which in many markets and sectors has become a byword for reliability and integrity. But our portfolio also includes some globally popular product brand names, most notably Windmill and Promill.



Our most famous and premium product is Windmill Potato Starch. Made out of only the best potatoes, our potato starch is a versatile product. Its neutral odour gives texture without changing the aroma or flavour of your dishes, making it ideal for enhancing your culinary creations making it a household name in markets around the world.

Meelunie Promill


Promill is to animal feed and pet food what Windmill is food products. A symbol of consistent high quality. More and more, buyers tell us they want to know the product they buy will be good value, reliably supplied and meet the toughest industry quality standards. And that the brand name Promill gives them that assurance.

Counterfeit and inferior lookalikes

Counterfeit brands and
inferior lookalikes

An imitation or counterfeit brand is, of course, the ultimate compliment.