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Potato Mix Meal Petfood

Potato blends/mix, applicable in wet- and dry pet food, are carefully formulated with high-quality co-products collected during the production of food-grade potato products. It is a combination of flakes, slices, starches, fries, fibers and proteins. It brings back the natural balance from the potato in the finished product. We also offer tailor-made blends and are able to produce special blends on customer's request. The benefit of our potato blends is a stable and constant high-quality product for kibble production. It is 100 % potato-based with stable nutritional values and constant behavior in the extrusion process. Finally, yet importantly, it is Gluten- and Mycotoxin free, NON-GMO, and therefore a popular alternative for grains and rice. With a low carbon footprint, this plant-based blend perfectly meets the pet owner’s evolving requirements.

Potato Starch Petfood

Potato starch is one of the most used plant-based ingredients for pet food. It is an important source of energy for pets and is used in many formulas as it ensures that pet food has the right texture and structure due to its binding qualities. Alternative grains exist, however, these ingredients contain gluten. Therefore, potato starch is an excellent grain-free and gluten-free option for pet food. Potato starch is a co-product released during the slicing process of food-grade potatoes with a low carbon footprint. Plant-based pet food with a low carbon footprint perfectly meets the pet owner’s evolving requirements. Native- and extruded potato starch is available.


Potato protein petfood

Proteins are the basic building blocks of all living beings and are, therefore, very important nutrients for both people, pets, farm animals and even fish. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to separate proteins from various grains and vegetables.

Potato Starch

Starch is important for all of us; people around the world have diets consisting mainly of foods that are high in starch. Similarly, starch has always been the basis for the Meelunie brand. Our starches are used in: Noodles, soups, cakes, cookies, drink mixes, yogurt, dairy products, breading, meat coatings, paper, and much more.