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Potato starch is superior to other starches in food applications. Potato starch has the highest viscosity, highest whiteness, is neutral in taste and makes for the most transparent gel in your soups, sauces or for your noodle or dumpling application. Our high-quality potato starch comes from the best European (non-GMO) potatoes. Meelunie has decades of experience of providing the best quality potato starch to the market and our Windmill brand is internationally recognized as a mark of quality. Whether you need potato starch for your restaurant dishes, snacks, bakery products, spray cheese or any other application, Meelunie can help you out with your needs.




Starch has always been the basis for the Meelunie brand. Whichever your application is, our starches give them the characteristic that makes them unique.

  • Soups/Sauces/Gravies
  • (Glass) Noodles and dumplings
  • Potato snacks
  • Meat and sausages
  • Bakery products (Gluten-Free)
  • Coatings and breading
  • Analogue cheese




Cationic and Native Potato starches are important components in paper and board production. Starches can be used in three phases of the production process: at the wet end, at the size press or during the coating operation. Potato Starch is especially good for use in office paper because it has the highest whiteness of all starches. In addition, Potato Starch is used as an adhesive in the corrugated board industry because of its low gelling temperature and strong gelling strength. Aside from the paper and board applications, Potato Starch is used in Bioplastics, Textile, Gypsum Board, Oil Drilling and many other applications.



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