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Pea Starch Petfood

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Pea starch is derived from whole peas and is an excellent natural and grain-free option. It is a natural gluten-free carbohydrate, GMO-free, and it is palatable due to the presence of simple sugars. Although very digestible, it is slowly digested providing sustained energy release, and has a low glycemic index (GI). Pea Starch can replace completely or partially cereals, whole peas, potato starch, and all other carbohydrate sources. Both native- and extruded pea starch are available.


Pet food:

Starch has always been the basis for the Meelunie brand. Pea starch is typically used as a water binder a thickener and a stabilizer. These characteristics make this starch suitable as an anti-caking and bulking ingredient, as well as a gluing agent for food products such as: 

  • Pet food
  • Animal feed
  • Aqua feed




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