Why Meelunie? Stories say a lot about a company - Meelunie

Why Meelunie? Stories say a lot about a company

Thinking with you
Recently, noticing the freight rate for shipping from Rotterdam to Shanghai was at an all-time low, our logistics people tipped off our commercial guys. Who then quickly contacted any customers they felt could benefit, pointing out this might be a great opportunity to ship additional product. It’s not rocket-science, of course. Just a simple example of how we work pro-actively across teams and always think with our customers.

In it for the long haul
We believe in building strong partnerships built on mutual trust and support, helping each other move our businesses forward. Maybe that’s why we’ve been working with many of our partners for years, and in some cases generations. In fact, the CEO of one of our business partners in Hong Kong has been our client for 70 years! And he still keeps us as sharp today as he did in the beginning.

Tapping into tapioca
Tapioca consumption is growing fast. Why? Along with corn, it’s the cheapest starch. It’s used in a wide range of food, pet food, feed and paper industry applications. And in an increasingly health-conscious world, it has one other big selling-point: tapioca is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Tapioca starch production is traditionally relatively small-scale and fragmented. Once harvested, it must be processed within 48 hours or the root will deteriorate. This means factories must be close to farms and tend to be small.

Though many of these factories can offer prompt shipment, they can’t store the tapioca starch. Meelunie can, and on a large scale. Underpinned by our strong market overview, this means we can offer our customers the long-term and large-scale supply options they’re looking for. A typically smart, no-nonsense Meelunie innovation that can add real value to your business.