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Socially engaged

Our future heritage

The purpose of Meelunie goes beyond simply making a profit. We want to make a difference in tomorrow’s world, by giving our colleagues equal opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and creating zero waste in our operations. We also work hard to be socially engaged with the communities in which we operate. As a more than 150-years-old family business, we have always cared for our people and our supply chain partners. And by building on this legacy, with a sustainable agenda for the future, we believe we can remain relevant for the next 150 years and beyond.

Giving Back

At Meelunie, we believe we should give something back to the communities in which we operate and the projects we support are often close to our own value chain as a business. For example, via Oxfam we fund microfinancing to SMEs in developing countries and via FairClimateFund we provide cleaner cooking stoves to reduce the time women need to spend cooking and gathering firewood. But projects can also be suggested by colleagues, such as our Amsterdam office’s support for Life Skills and Singapore office’s support for WOMAG.

Zero Waste

To help address the harm pollution does to the environment, we joined the Amsterdam Zuidas Green Business Club, which aims to achieve zero waste in our local business district by 2030.
Following the suggestion of a colleague we also support Ocean Sole, a project that creates artwork using recycled flip-flops collected from beaches in Kenya. This both protects the ocean from further pollution and supports the local artists involved.

Green from the Inside

People accomplish more when they work together. At Meelunie, we believe building bridges can help overcome all kinds of challenges and cultural differences. And it is the only way forward if we want to achieve fully sustainable plant-based supply chains.

We are transparent about our progress on green issues, reporting on Meelunie Positive Impact initiatives via our Plant Based Positive Impact Report and other channels. By doing so, we also hope to raise awareness among our stakeholders, and inspire and engage others to become more sustainable themselves.

Planting Seeds

Diversity is something to be very proud of! It’s an incredibly powerful tool that Meelunie helps to grow and prosper, as well as make our world a more interesting place. Our Meelunians come from more than 30 different cultures across the world and together speak over 20 languages. We want to pass on our vibrant company culture to the next generation by sharing knowledge and experience.

Urban Jungle

We want our head offices in Amsterdam to be an example for our other offices and our visitors from around the globe. Using recycled materials, we have transformed the office into an inspiring sustainable workspace with a green wall and plants to improve indoor air quality. Initiatives to increase colleagues’ well-being include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions, sit-stand desks, vegan-friendly lunch, office fruit and Fairtrade-certified coffee.