Products - Meelunie


Our wide product range covers food, pet food, feed, aquafeed and industrial applications. It includes an expanding offering of organic and sustainably-produced products. We pride ourselves on meeting the very highest product and service standards at all times, and always delivering on our promises.

Food Products

Meelunie is a global supplier of plant-based ingredients, mainly starches and proteins, but also for example sweeteners and fibers. Our product range covers a wide variety of food and non-food applications and includes trusted brands such as Windmill Potato Starch and our new House Of Proteins brand. Per 2022, Meelunie expanded its portfolio with fava isolate proteins produced in a brand-new Danish facility. These highly innovative products are completely neutral in both taste and color, and therefore ideal for a wide range of food applications.

Animal Nutrition Products

With more than 150 years of experience, Meelunie is a leading supplier of animal nutrition ingredients. With volatility in commodity markets ever increasing, we have proven our ability to successfully navigate the mounting challenges and consistently deliver high-quality products anywhere on the globe. Meelunie can offer you a wide range of plant-based high-protein products, starches, and fibers that are used in Compound Feed, Pet Food, and Aquafeed.

Industrial Products

Being a supplier of starches for more than 150 years Meelunie offers starches for the industry as well. From growing to processing, packaging and delivery, we control every step to ensure a consistent & quality product that will live up to your expectations. Meelunie can offer you a wide range of industrial starch products which can be used in all types of applications in the paper, carton, adhesives, textiles, and paper sacks industries. All of our products are primarily starch derived from potato, corn & tapioca sources.