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Soluble Fava Bean Protein Isolate

Fava beans are legumes; rich in protein, starches, and loaded with vitamins and minerals. House of Proteins: Soluble Fava Bean Protein Isolate has a neutral taste and excellent emulsion capabilities. This makes it perfectly fit for usage in, for example, condiment applications or milk alternatives. 

Fava Bean Starch Concentrate

Fava Bean Starch Concentrate is a popular ingredient used in many food applications. With strong gelling and binding properties, Fava Bean starch concentrate is the perfect ingredient for many food products including soups, sauces, plant-based meats and instant foods.


Fava Bean Flour

Being one of the oldest cultivated legumes in the world, Fava Bean's have been an important source of nutrition for many cultures for centuries. Our Fava Bean flour is a versatile, gluten-free flour that has many applications within the food industry. From the bakery industry, to non-dairy analogues and morning cereals the options are endless.

Textured fava bean protein

Textured protein provides a nutritious, sensory ingredient with a wide array of plant-based applications. Due to its texture and firmness, these textured proteins are suitable for many plant-based meat alternatives.

Fava Bean Protein Concentrate

Our Fava Bean Protein concentrate is perfect for any application requiring a high-quality, high-protein source. Using a dry milling method our Fava Bean Protein Concentrate is a minimally processed, high-protein product that is perfect for many food and animal feed applications.

Fava Bean Starch

Dating back to 6800BC, the fava bean is one of the oldest cultivated crops on Earth. Considered good luck by many Italian communities, fava beans have been used for food and animal applications for centuries. Originating from the fertile countryside of Denmark, our Fava Bean is harvested using the most efficient, sustainable and modern methods available. Whatever your application may be, our fava bean products can guarantee to provide you with a high quality, high protein and sustainable option.