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Sweet Potato (powder and pellets) is used for the production of petfood. It is considered the most nutritious vegetable due to their high vitamin A, beta-carotene content and minerals. Sweet potatoes are a good source of natural dietary fiber, and add a healthy, sweet taste to the food.


Pet food

Sweet potatoes can be used in various kinds of pet food, particularly in recipes for dogs and cats. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious ingredient that can provide several benefits to your pets:

  • Dry Dog and Cat Food: Sweet potatoes can serve as a source of carbohydrates and fiber, and they provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Wet Dog and Cat Food: These can be especially beneficial for pets with dietary sensitivities or allergies, as sweet potatoes are considered a hypoallergenic ingredient.
  • Treats


Sweet potatoes can be used in a variety of feeds. They are a nutritious and versatile food source that can be incorporated into the diets of several animals, including:

  • Livestock Feed: Sweet potatoes can be fed to various livestock animals such as cattle, pigs, and poultry. They are a good source of energy and can be used as a supplemental feed. Sweet potatoes can be chopped, cooked, or dried for livestock consumption.
  • Pet Food: Some pet food manufacturers include sweet potatoes in their formulations, especially in dog food. Sweet potatoes are often used as a source of carbohydrates and fiber in pet diets.
  • Fish Feed: In aquaculture, sweet potatoes can be used as a component of fish feed. It can be processed into fish pellets or incorporated into the diet of certain fish species.


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