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Sweet potato Powder / Pellets

Sweet Potato (powder and pellets) is used for the production of petfood. It is considered the most nutritious vegetable due to their high vitamin A, beta-carotene content and minerals. Sweet potatoes are a good source of natural dietary fiber, and add a healthy, sweet taste to the food.

Tapioca hard pellets

Tapioca hard pellets are an essential ingredient in grain-free pet food diets, which helps pets maintain consistent digestion. The benefit of using tapioca ingredients in pet food instead of grains is tapioca’s biochemical simplicity. Grains are complex as they contain proteins and other phytonutrients and carbohydrates. Tapioca is an ideal carbohydrate source without any proteins and will not cause immune-mediated reactions like those observed in grain-based diets. We supply pellets with three different starch contents, namely 48%, 60 % and 65%.