Meelunie for a better world

We believe we have a responsibility for the impact we have on the world and a duty to add value where we can to society.

A transparent business
As a 150-year-old family firm, Meelunie has always put long-term value above short-term profit. We don’t indulge in BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting), tax havens or similar dubious fiscal practices. We believe in transparency and openness in all we do.

A fair deal
We’re committed to fair trade, decent conditions for workers throughout the supply chain, and a focus on sustainable products and processes. We pride ourselves on meeting the very highest standards in production and traceability.

A sustainable future
We offer a growing assortment of organic and sustainably-produced products, and work with partners to develop products that meet society’s needs, for example plant-based products that are better for the environment, and non-GMO and non-grain products that many believe are healthier.

Oxfam Novib
Since 2017, Meelunie has been an ambassador of the Oxfam Novib ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ program, which gives microcredit to SMEs and individuals in developing countries to help them grow their business.