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Pea Protein Concentrate

Regularly used in many plant-based food products, pea protein is a versatile ingredient that provides a high protein solution to many different applications. From plant-based meats to plant-based dairy, sports nutrition and pet food, pea protein is your ideal protein solution.

Fava Bean Protein Concentrate

Our Fava Bean Protein concentrate is perfect for any application requiring a high-quality, high-protein source. Using a dry milling method our Fava Bean Protein Concentrate is a minimally processed, high-protein product that is perfect for many food and animal feed applications.

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Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten is derived from wheat grain and offers a high protein, strong binding ingredient to many applications. Used extensively in the bakery industry, vital wheat gluten offers a concentrated, high protein solution that aids in the texture and nutritional content of many baking applications. Furthermore, it's strong binding capacity helps to maintain structure in many plant-based meats.