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Services & Solutions

Meelunie is far more than just a trusted supplier. Through our services and solutions, such as reliable supply chains, world class logistics, product formulation and technical support, we add value for our suppliers  and customers.

Global presence

Our mature global presence on 5 continents, supplying over 100 countries, means that our offices all have on-the-ground knowledge of their local markets and highly developed regional networks. Know-how that we leverage to ensure you get quality products and timely service, and to help you identify future market opportunities.

Broad portfolio

Our broad portfolio — in terms of product, geography and markets — means we can help you ride the unpredictable tides of supply and demand. One season helping you sell excess volume to new markets worldwide, the next helping you source the products you need in times of scarcity.

Reliable supply chains

Over the years we’ve developed enduring partnerships with a huge global network of reliable suppliers and carriers. We can deliver to almost anywhere in the world and are experienced in pretty well every means of transportation including container, train, bulk vessel, via warehouses, airfreight, truck. This means we can quickly and efficiently set up new supply chains for the product or commodity you need, where and when you need it.

Trustworthy partner

We consistently deliver as promised, in terms of quality and timelines. If an unavoidable problem arises, we find a solution that works for you. It’s that simple.

World class logistics

Using state-of-the-art, tailor-made software, every year we track some 4,500 orders, including over 17,000 containers. Working whenever possible with long-term partner carriers to ensure your products arrive on time and in good shape. Each Meelunie customer has their own Logistics contact. Someone who knows every stage in the supply chain inside out, from supplier to final customer.

Expect the unexpected

We know your local markets and how to deal calmly and efficiently with every challenge out there, from complex bureaucracies to volatile political situations. The fact that in our Logistics team alone we speak 11 different languages helps at times, too!

Product formulation and technical support

Our extensive knowledge of ingredients and markets means we can help you develop the right product formulation for a specific geography or sector. We also work with contract research institutions, world leaders in food and animal nutrition R&D, to help our customers develop and fine-tune their products and so grow their market share.

Finding your next market opportunity

We can use our worldwide local market knowledge first to help you identify markets for new and existing products. And then to advise you on how best to enter that market.

Why Meelunie? Stories say a lot about a company

Stories can tell you a lot about a company. Here’s a few that we think say quite a bit about us: