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Plant Based Positive Impact

We believe we have a responsibility for the impact we have on the world and a duty to add value to society where we can. Inspired by Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG) launched by the United Nations : Zero Hunger (SDG2), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and Climate & Action (SDG 13), we have defined three domains for impact: Green from the inside, Green Products and Climate & Shipping. These are our pillars in reaching our goals.


Zero waste

Green from the inside

Our goal for 2030 is zero waste in our operations, where every residual product is the beginning of something new. Food, raw material and reusable material.

Responsible production

Green products

All of our products are plant-based! Our growing offering of organic and sustainably-produced products will be branded with a quality mark by 2030.

Reduce carbon footprint

Climate & shipping

To achieve a sustainable supply chain with 100% zero-emission in 2030, we have started several projects to cut and compensate emissions.

Together for a better world

Being just at the start of our Positive Impact journey we invite you to read more on our progress. We are honored to partner with dedicated organizations, supporting their efforts and helping champion their causes. Through a variety of projects, we strive to make the world a better place.


FairClimateFund (FCF) is one of our partners that helps us in our mission to strive for a carbon neutral supply chain by the year 2030. FCF ‘sells’ carbon credits (Fairtrade and Golden Standard), using the income to support poor families in developing countries. In 2019, Meelunie compensated 4444 tons of CO2 emissions via FCF credits, thereby supporting 2210 households through a clean cooking project in India.


On July 4th 2019, Meelunie and the GoodShipping Program have joined forces to decarbonise Meelunie’s Asian sea freight, the companies announced. Meelunie, which exports to over 100 countries around the world, becomes the latest company to join the GoodShipping Program in an effort to decarbonise their supply chain.

More on how we are putting our ambition into action on our newspage.