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Positive impact for a better world

We believe we have a responsibility for the impact we can make in this world and a duty to add value where ever we can to society.

A transparent business
As a 150-year-old family firm, Meelunie has always put long-term value above short-term profit. We don’t indulge in BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting), tax havens or similar dubious fiscal practices. We believe in transparency and openness in all we do.

A fair deal
We’re committed to fair trade, decent conditions for workers throughout the supply chain, and a focus on sustainable products and processes. We pride ourselves on meeting the very highest standards in production and traceability.

A sustainable future
We offer a growing assortment of organic and sustainably-produced products, and work with partners to develop products that meet society’s needs, for example plant-based products that are better for the environment, and non-GMO and non-grain products that many believe are healthier.


Positive impact Partnerships

We are honored to partner with dedicated organizations, supporting their efforts and helping champion their causes. Through a variety of projects, we strive to make the world a better place.


Meelunie Oxfam Novid partnership

Oxfam Novib
Since 2017, Meelunie has been an ambassador of the Oxfam Novib ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ program, which gives microcredit to SMEs and individuals in developing countries to help them grow their business.


Meelunie Oxfam Novid partnership
Meelunie and FairClimateFund

Another partner is FairClimateFund (FCF). FCF ‘sells’ carbon credits (Fairtrade and Golden Standard), using the income to support poor families in developing countries. In 2019, Meelunie compensated 4444 tons of CO2 emissions via FCF credits, thereby supporting 2210 households through a clean cooking project in India.

Read more on sustainable ocean freight and reducing CO2 emissions in the FairClimateFund case study on Meelunie.


Meelunie and FairClimateFund
Meelunie and GoodShipping program partnership

On July 4th 2019, Meelunie and the GoodShipping Program have joined forces to decarbonise Meelunie’s Asian sea freight, the companies announced. Meelunie, which exports to over 100 countries around the world, becomes the latest company to join the GoodShipping Program in an effort to decarbonise their supply chain.

Meelunie’s decision to join the GoodShipping Program comes at a critical juncture for shipping, with a growing number of cargo owners now seeking to take responsibility for mitigating their climate impact.

Moreover, Meelunie has recently developed a tool to track it’s progress towards zero emissions. This CO2 calculator is not only to raise awareness. The most important reason is to gain insights into how to reduce our negative CO2 footprint.

The ambition of Meelunie is to achieve a sustainable and carbon-neutral supply chain in the near future. Working with the GoodShipping Program, the initial focus will be on Meelunie’s Asian sea freight, with its emissions offset by sustainable marine biofuels delivered by GoodFuels Marine.

These second-generation sustainable biofuels are wholly derived from forest residues and waste cooking oil products. They are expected to deliver up to 90% well-to-propeller CO2 reduction compared with fossil equivalents, and virtually eliminate sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions – all without the need for any engine modifications.

Announcing the move, Mr. Marco Heering CEO of Meelunie said:
“At Meelunie, we care deeply about our environmental impact, so joining the GoodShipping Program now makes sense. The ability to offset the emissions of our sea freight in Asia is an important step in our wider ambition to have a carbon-neutral supply chain.”

The GoodShipping Program, added: “Today’s announcement marks another important step in the decarbonisation of ocean freight. We are very pleased to be working with Meelunie on their Asian sea lanes and believe this sets another example for others to follow, as we work to make our whole sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

The companies also affirmed their commitment to a long-term relationship, with more decarbonisation projects to be announced in the near future, all with the goal of creating a carbon-neutral supply chain.

About the GoodShipping Program
The GoodShipping Program (www.goodshipping.org) is the first sustainable shipping initiative in the world that offers companies – worldwide and of all sizes – the opportunity to make container shipments less polluting. By offering a way to change the fossil fuels with clean, climate-neutral and truly sustainable fuels. This is done in collaboration with GoodFuels, market leader and pioneer in the field of sustainable bio-based fuels. An important part of the GoodShipping partnership with GoodFuels is the use of only truly sustainable residual flows, which do not compete with the food supply or lead to deforestation of rainforests. This is done under the supervision of an independent sustainability board with leading NGOs and academics. Another important partner of GoodShipping is DHL Global Forwarding. The global market leader in logistics offers the GoodShipping Program to all its ocean freight customers, as part of DHL’s ‘Go Green portfolio’. Last year GoodShipping won various prizes such as the TEDx Amsterdam Award and the Accenture Innovation Award for Clean and Affordable Energy. For more information, view the animation via this link.

Meelunie and GoodShipping program partnership