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Fava Bean Starch Concentrate

Fava Bean Starch Concentrate is a popular ingredient used in many food applications. With strong gelling and binding properties, Fava Bean starch concentrate is the perfect ingredient for many food products including soups, sauces, plant-based meats and instant foods.


Pea Protein Concentrate

Regularly used in many plant-based food products, pea protein is a versatile ingredient that provides a high protein solution to many different applications. From plant-based meats to plant-based dairy, sports nutrition and pet food, pea protein is your ideal protein solution.


Soy Protein Concentrate

Seen as one of the most versatile plant-based proteins available, soybeans are one of the key plant proteins in the global transition toward plant-based foods. Our soy protein isolate offers a high-protein solution for the various applications you may have. From plant-based meat analogs to plant-based milk and high-protein drinks, we have you covered.