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Pea Protein Concentrate Petfood

Regularly used in many plant-based food products, pea protein is a versatile ingredient that provides a high protein solution to many different applications. From plant-based meats to plant-based dairy, sports nutrition and pet food, pea protein is your ideal protein solution.

Meelunie wheat starch applications

Wheat protein

Vital wheat gluten is derived from wheat grain and offers a high protein, strong binding ingredient to many applications. Vital wheat gluten offers a concentrated, high protein solution that aids in the texture and nutritional content. Wheat protein (75% protein) is used in pet food, where it improves water absorption and fat-binding properties. In kibbles, it improves resistance to breaking after extrusion and during packaging. It is an excellent source of protein and contributes to nutritional labeling claims.


Rice Protein


Potato protein petfood

Proteins are the basic building blocks of all living beings and are, therefore, very important nutrients for both people, pets, farm animals and even fish. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to separate proteins from various grains and vegetables.