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Reducing CO2 emissions further

First bunkering by GoodShipping

BY Meelunie 10/05/2020 Meelunie

Following our ambition to achieve a more sustainable and eventually carbon-neutral supply chain, we decided to joined forces with GoodShipping in July 2019. GoodShipping is the world’s first sustainable shipping initiative that helps companies reduce their CO2 emissions coming from transport, by substituting fossil fuels with truly sustainable biofuels. Among their customers are IKEA, DHL and fellow Dutch companies such as Tony’s Chocolonely and Dopper, who all work with GoodShiping to reduce their footprint. So how does this actually work?

Forest residues and waste cooking oil

When joining the partnership, we committed to a CO2 volume that corresponds with our annual container freight that we ship from Rotterdam to Hong Kong. This part of our supply chain was chosen, as this is the very first route that Meelunie shipped products on in the early years of the company. GoodShipping realized the emission reduction on our behalf by substituting the corresponding volume of fossil marine fuels with biofuels, reducing over 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This biofuel volume was delivered to the M/V Autosky, a freight vessel that belongs to shipping company UECC, on May 15th in the Port of Rotterdam. Autosky normally fully runs on fossil fuels, but was now partly ‘bunkered’ with biofuels on behalf of Meelunie and three other GoodShipping customers. The Bio-Fuel Oil  is acquired from their partner GoodFuels.

Up to 90% CO2 reduction

GoodFuels co-develops and supplies sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels in transport. Their products in no way stimulate deforestation, don’t compete with food production, are all waste and residue derived and come with an 80 – 90% CO2 reduction compared to fossil equivalents. For Meelunie they even achieved a 100% reduction by ‘over compensating’ and bunkering a little extra fuel.

More sustainable supply chain

The partnership with Goodfuels reflects a concerted effort by Meelunie to take responsibility, minimize their CO2 footprint and at the same time support a more sustainable supply chain. This is just the start of Meelunie’s efforts to decarbonise their ocean freight. Meelunie expects to realise at least one sustainable shipment per year and moreover hopes to inspire their customers to join this or our other sustainable or social responsible initiatives.

Contributing to a better world

Working together with GoodShipping is just one of the many initiatives of Meelunie’s Positive Impact program. This program is inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG’s) as launched by the United Nations in 2016. We are actively working n Corporate Social Responsibility in line with the key domains :‘Climate & Shipping’, ‘Green Products’ and ‘Green from the Inside’. Meelunie embraces projects from FairClimateFund, Oxfam Novib and DHL, that zoom in on health and wellbeing. Through such collaborations, we are committed to make the world a better place. Learn more about our projects Cookstoves for Women in India, GoGreen with DHL or our most recent project: our own CO2 calculator.