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New inter- and multimodal transportation partners

Driving positive change with partners

BY Meelunie 08/08/2023 Meelunie

Munich Transport Logistics Expo

The Munich Transport Logistics Expo in Germany offered the perfect setting to meet with existing partners and connect with new business prospects. The Expo, held for the first time since the pandemic, proved to be a great event. Our colleagues Deniz, Sora and Nermin engaged with logistics companies from across the globe, particularly from Europe, and were inspired by all the innovative ideas shared. At the event sustainable products were showcased and inspiring conference talks about the future of logistics were held.

Multimodal transportation

The primary objective of our logistics team was to set up new alliances with partners that offer greater intermodal and multimodal transportation. This type of transportation involves moving large-sized goods in two or more modes of transport. Intermodal falls into four general categories: Truck, rail, sea, and air. At Meelunie we are fully aware that train transport boasts significantly lower carbon emissions compared to road transport, making it a more advantageous option in terms of both sustainability and freight pricing, compared to road transport. More so, according to BigMile (our partner in calculating the carbon footprint of logistics-related activities), the emissions for truck transport are 111g CO2 per tkm, while cargo trains emit only 17g CO2 per tkm. This highlights the substantial environmental benefits of this modal shift. The shift from road to i.e., rail transportation, reduces emissions by more than six times for all kilometer goods that are transported.

Driving positive change with partners

Our participation in the expo yielded fruitful results. Already, we have commenced collaborations with several companies. Looking ahead, we remain committed to increasing our sustainability efforts year by year, alongside our visionary partners. Our logistics team is eager to explore every opportunity to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the world we share.