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Equal development opportunities

BY Meelunie 22/12/2020 Meelunie

Life Skills fills gaps

Life Skills supports young people between the ages of 10-18 in the development of life skill, self-confidence, personal growth, and citizenship education. The aim is to provide them with the knowhow to manifest themselves today and dare to take control of their lives for a sustainable future. The target group generally lives in the socio-economic challenged area of Amsterdam Southeast and predominantly, it is a product of home environments that struggle on many levels. A lack of positive role models, sources of inspiration and motivation, which many of us take for granted, is the status quo for many kids in the area. Life Skills attempts to fill these gaps and provide these support functions but can only do so with the help of volunteers and local businesses.

Inspiring others

Our colleague Bekim Mehovic is also working as a volunteer. When he is not trading for Meelunie, he helps the teenagers at Life Skills, assisting them to reach their goals of becoming the best versions of themselves. “I try to use the means available to me to facilitate support in many shapes and forms so that the efforts get centralized towards building a self-sustainable organization that can grow, excel and help a larger number of youngsters. The majority of these teenagers have had their self-confidence slowly destroyed and one of the big goals is to reverse that process through positive coaching and education”.

There is a part of Bekim’s youth that many of the kids that are supported by Life Skills can relate to. “By sharing the struggles of years as a refugee, poverty and self-esteem challenges, I hope my story inspires the kids and through Life Skills, we try to do whatever I can for them to help on overcoming their obstacles”.

Together we achieve more

“Very proud to share that Meelunie just recently donated a number of laptops and mobile phones to the cause. This will be of great use to the kids and it’s something I’m very thankful for. We still need materials but even more so, we need extra volunteers to support the growing number of teens. Progress is being made and we’ll keep pushing forward”.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at the Life Skills website or you can follow their Instagram account for the latest updates.