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Greater insight in CO2 emissions

Meelunie partners with BigMile

BY Meelunie 04/07/2022

To get an even clearer picture of our carbon emissions, Meelunie has chosen to work with BigMile, who supply software for calculating and analyzing transport-related CO2e emissions. “BigMile set the standard when it comes to calculating reporting, analysing and, last but not least, optimizing your CO2e” says Jeroen de Waaij, Meelunie’s Global Sustainability Manager. “This partnership is a logical next step in giving our clients and other stakeholders even greater insight into the total CO2e emissions of Meelunie products. We want BigMile thinking and working with us to meet our CO2e sustainability goals.”

Carbon neutral since 2021

Meelunie has been carbon-neutral since 2021. We’ve achieved this by structuring and measuring the various sustainability initiatives within our organisation, developing a continuous improvement cycle involving five steps: measuring, developing, reducing, compensating and communicating. We use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the world’s most widely-used protocol, to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions. Any emissions that we’re not yet in a position to eliminate, we compensate.

Jeroen and the multidisciplinary Meelunie Positive Impact team first analysed all business processes to map out Scope 1 (direct emissions from our owned or controlled sources) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling) emissions. “Once we had this overview, we could take steps to reduce our emissions” explains Jeroen. “For example, by creating a sustainable head office and by actively working to increase awareness amongst colleagues.”


Beyond carbon-neutral

Having achieved carbon-neutrality, next in Meelunie’s sights is Scope 3. Scope 3 emissions are those resulting from activities and assets not owned or controlled by Meelunie itself, but that indirectly impact on our value chain. “Transport has a major impact on Meelunie’s total carbon emissions,” says Jeroen. “We’ve already calculated our emissions for sea freight. But obviously our supply chain consists of more than just sea transport. Working with BigMile, we’ll now be able to extend the calculations to cover all modalities, including pre- and on-carriage emissions.”

BigMile Carbon Analytics allows an organisation to calculate the carbon emissions from the intermodal transport movements of its supply chain partners. “The higher reliability of our measurements will help us decide how best we can reduce and compensate our emissions,” says Jeroen. “Since most of these are generated by our supply chain partners, we’ll be actively sharing the data we gather with them and discussing transparently how together we can achieve lower emissions. We believe strongly it’s more effective to set up projects to address carbon emissions within our chain together with our partners.” Check out our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for our latest transport-related CO2e emissions, calculated with BigMile.