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First Break Bulk shipment to USA

Challenging times call for creative thinking

BY Meelunie 03/09/2021 Meelunie

Alternative forms of transportation

It’s no secret that the container crisis brings with it huge logistical challenges. Our supply chain is being heavily disrupted, causing us difficulties both in booking containers and getting spots on vessels. A situation that has forced us to search for alternative forms of transportation, including going off our beaten track to charter part of the containership.

A first but not the last

Breakbulk is a real departure for Meelunie. Never before have we transported such a large volume in one go. This may be a first, but more departures are already scheduled, and we believe breakbulk is here to stay as a part of our armory of transportation options.

Breakbulk isn’t our only transportation first at Meelunie. In May, we also had goods transported by train via the silk route from the Netherlands to China.


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