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Smartphones, a curse or a blessing?

BY Meelunie 16/11/2021 Meelunie

One could argue if all time spent texting, playing games, and fiddling with apps truly benefits some children. To others, having access to a smartphone is a necessity. More specifically, high school teenagers need it to take part in daily school life and for this, a smartphone is a must. Most schools require students to check their schedules via mobile apps. Teachers use the same app to communicate results and homework. A smartphone further helps the students to keep in touch with classmates and other friends through mobile communication apps.

Support function

It may look like every child has one these days, but there are many students who cannot afford their own device. Life Skills attempts to provide a support function for these teenagers (aged between 10-18) from the socio-economic challenged area of Amsterdam Southeast. Whatever the children need, they will provide for their development, such as smartphones and laptops for their education. Yet, they can only do so with the help of volunteers and local businesses.

Our colleague Bekim Mehovic is also ambassador at Life Skills. He brought Angela Woudenberg with him to donate refurbished iPhones on behalf of Meelunie. Very proud that we could make some children happy!

Donations welcome

If you have any unused devices such as laptops or smartphones? Life Skills knows a great destination for them. Together we work on equal development opportunities for a fair and equal society, in which everyone counts and is allowed to participate.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at the Life Skills website or you can follow their Instagram account for the latest updates.