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FairClimateFund certificate


BY Meelunie 20/03/2020 Meelunie

It’s official! We received our first certificate for compensating CO2. We are very proud to announce to have compensated no less than 4444 tons of CO2 in 2019! Meelunie is much aware of the impact from activities have and FairClimateFund (FCF) is one of our partners that helps us in our mission to strive for a carbon neutral supply chain by the year 2030.

Cookstove project

Since 2011 around 18,000 households are provided with cleaner cookstoves or Chulikas via the cookstove project of FairClimateFund in Raichur, India. This reduces the use of wood by two-thirds which leads to a reduction of CO₂ emissions, smoke formation and protects the local forest. Besides the environmental and health benefits, it also reduces the amount of time women need to spend cooking and gathering firewood which leads to economic benefits. Of all CO2 compensation projects, cleaner cooking has by far the most impact on the SDGs.

Meelunie FCF CO2 compensation certificate
Meelunie FCF CO2 compensation certificate


Through our investment in the cookstove project in India, we are compensating  for part of our CO2 emissions. With the help of another partner, the GoodShipping Program, we compensate ca. 10% in total, by substituting fossil fuels with sustainable biofuels in 2019.

Impact report

Besides the certificate, we have also received an impact report which provides insight in the benefits of our CO2 compensation over the year 2019, resulting in the availability of 4420 cookstoves for the Raichur region in India. Cooking with the cookstoves, saves about 5 hours a week for 2210 households or women. On top of this some 4.375 tonnes of wood (or 8,751 trees) are saved.  Which is a great achievement realizing that in this area deforestation is a growing issue.