FairClimateFund partnership - Meelunie

FairClimateFund partnership

At Meelunie we attach great importance to reducing the climate impact as much as possible, which is why Meelunie has formulated the ambition to have a CO2-neutral supply chain. Reducing the CO2 emissions released from sea freight to Asia is an important step in this regard. Some 340 tonnes of CO2 emissions are reduced through the GoodShipping Program. Our partnership with FairClimateFund should help us in bringing this number to an even higher level.

Meelunie FCF CO2 compensation certificate

Carbon offsetting

Meelunie ships around 22,000 containers per year. The CO2 emissions that are released during this process is approximately 2.11MT per 20ft container. That is roughly equivalent to 5,200 gasoline cars driving around the globe. We are aware of the impact it makes on the climate and take responsibility for this with the help of our partners. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, Meelunie is investing in our cookstove project in India to compensate for these emissions. Meelunie thereby contributes to improving the living conditions of around 18,000 households.

For the compensation over 2019 we have received our first certificate of which we are very proud! Along with the certificate FairClimateFund provided an impact report, which gives us insight in the benefits of our compensation over the year 2019.
Have a look at the report here. 

Improved cookstoves for women project

The design of the Chulika cookstove ensures that air is preheated and there is complete combustion without visible smoke and only small amounts of ash. The cookstove is suitable for households in rural areas to cook, grill, bake typical Indian flat bread, and heat water.

Participating families are expected to pay a fee of 20 Rupees to become a member of JSMBT, and 180 Rupees for the registration of the stoves. The cookstoves are paid through the CO₂ credits or carbon credits that the households earn.

Read more on the improved cookstoves project here.