Why Meelunie? Get empowered!

Meelunie is a 150-year-old family firm. We build long-term relationships with our partners, customers and employees. Those values are reflected in the kind of people we recruit: high quality professionals with integrity, and a loyal commitment to their clients and colleagues alike.

We’re a relatively small company so we have a flat, dynamic structure. Many companies say they believe in empowering their people, we actually do it. Here’s just a couple of examples of why working at Meelunie really is different:

Great idea? Go for it!
A few years back, our colleague, Gijs, saw a business opportunity for Meelunie in setting up a new office in SE Asia. He approached senior management, who asked him to put together a short but clear business case. They listened, liked what they heard and asked him to go ahead. Within weeks, and with the support and advice of Meelunie colleagues around the world, Gijs was setting up our greenfield office in Singapore.

Today Gijs leads our thriving SE Asian operations with a highly motivated team of 5. And guess how he’ll respond if one of them comes to him with a great idea? A success culture is contagious.

Our next big idea? You’ll probably be involved!
Recently we were interested in the potential of Bulk Shipping for our business globally. Rather than call in consultants, we did what we always do at Meelunie: put faith in our own people.

We quickly pulled together a project team from across disciplines. They first analyzed and established bulk shipping’s viability for our business. Then developed an implementation strategy — with enthusiastic support and buy-in from colleagues across the company.

The skills and exposure to new disciplines you get from working in such a tight-knit, cross-functional project team is like a fast-track training experience. With one difference: here it’s for real.