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Green from the inside

Individuals can accomplish more when working together. At Meelunie we believe joining hands is the best choice: Building bridges and overcoming all kinds of challenges and cultural differences. Our ambition is to shift towards a 100% positive impact mindset from everyone, including our own company. Remaining focused on operational excellence and further ‘greening up’ our process. By participating, for example, in a zero-waste project, we will improve our own business operations and at the same time raise awareness for our sustainable ambitions.


The purpose of Meelunie goes beyond simply making a profit; it is also about being socially engaged. Therefore, we have been an ambassador of the Oxfam Novib ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ program since 2017. This program helps SMEs in developing countries grow their businesses by supplying microfinance. The support is not entirely without obligations; participants must do something in return. It increases their self-esteem and stimulates people to achieve structural improvements.

Green Business Club Zuidas

Green Business Club Zuidas helps us in our ambition to have zero waste in our business operations by sharing insights and lessons learned. We joined the club in 2018 to accelerate positive impact in our local community as our Amsterdam office is in the heart of the Zuidas business district. Their ambitions for the Zuidas include no longer using natural gas, a largely emission-free fleet, blue-green roofs, and becoming circular with zero waste, which we happily support.

Life Skills

Life Skills supports young people between the ages of 10-18 in the development of life skill, self-confidence, personal growth, and citizenship education. The aim is to provide them with the knowhow to manifest themselves today and dare to take control of their lives for a sustainable future. The target group generally lives in the socio-economic challenged area of Amsterdam Southeast and predominantly, it is a product of home environments that struggle on many levels. A lack of positive role models, sources of inspiration and motivation, which many of us take for granted, is the status quo for many kids in the area. Life Skills attempts to fill these gaps and provide these support functions but can only do so with the help of volunteers and local businesses.


Singapore hosts over 80% of the world’s agribusiness multinationals and visibly, not only in Singapore but worldwide, there is still a big gender gap (especially in managing/leading positions). Four years ago, together with other women from the industry, Tatiana Pochet of Meelunie, was looking for an organization to add to our network, to learn from other men and women in our sector. However, there seemed to be no such agribusiness organization and therefore they decided to create their own. WOMAG was born.

f(hi)it at home with Meelunie

Together f(hi)it at home

Every employer wants vital employees, as we believe that vitality stands for energy. Sufficient energy, for at home and at work. Meelunie’s office therefore provides for sit/stand desks, a green office, healthy lunch followed by a refreshing stroll outside. So what happens when you are in a lockdown due to corona? Meelunie organizes an online fitness workout, that keeps us fit.

f(hi)it at home with Meelunie