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Corporate Sustainable Responsibility

With a world population growing faster than ever, the demand for nutritious food will continue to expand along with it, and the challenges to meet that demand will remain constant. Making adjustments towards plant-based ingredients will help us rise to this occasion, and ensure that nutritious food is available to everyone.


Meelunie CSR
Meelunie CSR

Creating value for society

As a leading supplier of plant-based ingredients, Meelunie will take responsibility for its part in the food transition. Through innovation, we can provide more efficient and healthier alternatives and help reduce the need for animal-based products. All while still paying a fair price to farmers, processors, and others in the entire chain.

Our Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR) embodies our entire Positive Impact journey. Our achievements and ambitions for the future towards a 100% responsible product portfolio and zero emissions by 2030. As well as our commitment to give back to communities through local, national, and international initiatives. All captured in three themes: Collaboration, Transition and Responsibility.


Individuals can accomplish more when working together. At Meelunie we believe joining hands is the best choice: To build bridges and overcome all kinds of challenges and cultural differences, we hope to encourage more positive impact and thinking.

We’ll work with and seek partners who share our positive impact ambitions. Our ambition is a shift towards a 100% positive impact mindset from everyone, including our own company. Remain focused on operational excellence and further ‘greening up’ our business processes. And stay committed to give back to communities through a number of local, national and international initiatives. More about this on our Green from the Inside page.


Everything that will happen tomorrow is the result of today’s creativity. Therefore, at Meelunie we do business with head and heart. By doing so, we have managed to compensate 4,444 tonnes CO2 via our FairClimateFund project in 2019. Together with our other partner GoodShipping, we have realized another reduction of 340 tonnes CO2 in the same year.

More news on our CO2 reduction programs is to be found on our Climate & Shipping page.


Meelunie strives to be a responsible company for all stakeholders within the supply chain and our planet. In this, we’ll be guided by B Corp and aligned with the UN SDGs. Our efforts and ambition have been put together in our new Corporate Sustainable Responsibility strategy.