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Meelunie launches CO2 calculator

Overview on the total emissions per logistic

BY Meelunie 17/04/2020 Meelunie

What is the CO2 calculator?

Meelunie has launched its newly developed tool to track it’s progress towards zero emissions. The so-called CO2 calculator is not only used to raise awareness. Our ambition is to achieve a sustainable and carbon-neutral supply chain in the near future. Therefore, most important reason is to gain insights into how to reduce our negative CO2 footprint.

The Meelunie CO2 Calculator is a software tool to calculate the greenhouse emissions (GHG) per traffic lane of our shipments worldwide. The calculations are based on data from the previous 12 months provided by the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG). Every year, we will upload their data into our system to update our CO2 Calculator. We have developed this calculator as there was no such tool available yet to provide insights into how to reduce our negative CO2 footprint and see what we still need to compensate.

Small steps, big ambitions

First steps are already taken by actually reducing and compensating the CO2 emissions of our shipments. By 2025, we aim to have reduced and/or compensated all of our CO2 emissions – tank-2-propeller – by 75%. Another five years further, in 2030, we aim to be operating 100% CO2 neutral, along with our stakeholders.

Together for a better world

For our CO2 Calculator, we are using data provided by the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), a business-to-business initiative involving major brands, cargo carriers and freight forwarders. CCWG is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of global goods transportation. Large multinationals like Amazon, Heineken and IKEA and many more also trust the objectivity of the data provided by CCWG.

Insights for customers

Following each shipment, our customers will receive a CO2 document stating the emissions for their shipping. Those emissions are also communicated via their ‘customer portal’ online. Meelunie has already started by compensating for the routes Rotterdam – Hong Kong for Potato Starch Windmill and Thailand – USA for our Tapioca Starch. Our next step will be to allocate these compensations to our customers.

There's more to know

Since Meelunie launched the CO2 calculator, we have received many questions about this tool. From how we are compensating to how we actually calculate the total compensation. More information on this and how we are actively making efforts for a better world you will find on our Climate and Shipping page.